The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Sunday, January 26, 2014

You want me to do what?

Prior to my week at White Swan this last summer I would have said that I would be the last person to be called to the mission field.  I have always felt that I was called to be a Christian in my local church and a CPA in a public accounting firm.  The Lord has used me in various ways in my local church.  I am a pretty good CPA as well.

Susie experienced a sense of calling to the mission field in high school.  Unfortunately, she married a person that did not have that calling (at that time in our life).  We’ve served the Lord here in the Seattle area.

But the Lord used that week to show me a small picture of the suffering in the world and the need for Christ in that suffering.  I am not able to read Scripture the same way I did before.  I am not able to rationalize and breeze by the many passages regarding the cost of following Him, helping the poor and needy, aiding those afflicted.

The Lord has also been showing us that our faith in Christ has been one of our own making.  We serve him as it is comfortable for us to do.  We give of our time and money as it is comfortable for us to do.  We structure our life in a way that does not require faith that He will provide.  The Lord is showing us that way of living is no longer sufficient.  Not all are called to this, but we feel the Lord is calling us, now.

I wake up in the morning thinking about the Yakama Indians and the Sacred Road staff.  I go to sleep thinking about them as well.  The Lord has not allowed me to go back to my old way of thinking about the world and my role in it.  As we have continued to pray for the Lord’s guidance He has only opened door after door. 

I pray that the Lord will never allow me to do as the rich young ruler did – “He went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.”  Matthew 19:22

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  1. It is amazing how you and Emily were changed dramatically doing volunteer work on the Rez last summer. God has gifted you with just the skills you will need to serve the Lord, this ministry, your family, Darren. I pray your meeting went well. This is a very important day and a new beginning.

    Nancy Irion