The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Saturday, April 4, 2015

In the Shadow of Mt Adams

Over a year ago we came up with the name of our blog, "In the Shadow of Mt Adams." Little did I know how true that statement is.

When we would go to the Reservation, the mountain was always there. Even if behind clouds, I always knew it was there. A part of the Reservation; a part of the people.

After being here for almost a month, I feel the mountain's presence even more. No wonder there are all the myths and folklore concerning this mountain. We constantly live in its shadow.

One of the things we learned at training in February is how the world is full of both brokenness and beauty. It is something we talk about a lot on the Reservation. God graces us with beauty in this world: His creation, art, love, a smile. But even in the brokenness of this world, He uses that for His glory as well.

This lower Yakima Valley is place of severe brokenness. The children of the Reservation are born into neglect, abuse, poverty and despair. They are a people of hopelessness, mixed with beauty.

And yet this is a beautiful place. A place in which Jesus Christ has been active well before Sacred Road came here. We are arrogant to think that He is only active here because we are here. The land is beautiful. The people are made in His image, just like you and me. The mountain daily shows us a reminder of God's creative and sustaining power and sovereignty.

I was recently shown this viewing spot via Instagram by Beth Granberry. My fascination with this mountain was only magnified once I saw this location. It is on the way to Hope Fellowship so I'm able to drive by it each day as we drive to the church. It is a perfect symbol of the brokenness of this community with the beauty of this place.

The Lord is gracious to remind us each day His purposes for us. Show and tell the Good News of Jesus Christ to people like myself (broken and sinful) in a place of beauty and brokenness.