The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Journey to the Rez

Dear Friends and Family, 

If you’ve been around the Maxfield family at all the last few months you will know that the people of the Yakama Indian Reservation and the staff at Sacred Road Ministries (SRM) have become very important to us.  The Yakama people are in great need of love, compassion and care.  The staff at SRM are about giving them love, compassion and care through mercy ministries and sharing the Gospel of Christ.

Some of you have felt the call of God to do something unexpected, outside your comfort zone, beyond anything you’ve ever done before.  If that is you then you might have a taste of what we have experienced the last few months.

Well, as my pastor has said, it is hard to ignore the call of God. 

The Maxfield family is working toward joining the staff of SRM full time.  We have begun the process of raising partners to support us in prayer and through finances.  Darren will take on a Director of Operations role and look to help expand the ministry in new areas of economic development and a Christian School.  The entire family will be involved in this ministry in different ways.

This year will be a year of transition.  Raising funds, transitioning from my firm, selling our home, etc.  Our goal is to be on the Reservation January 2015.  We ask for your prayers.  

If you would like to partner with us financially in the ministry we would like to talk with you and let you know how you can do that.  We need donors to start giving on our behalf now so that we can raise the funds needed before we join Sacred Road.  The funds we will raise will go to pay our salary – i.e. our food, housing, health insurance, etc. – and other ministry related expenses.

If you want to learn more about this journey of ours you can go to our blog at If you want to learn more about SRM you can go to or please call or email me.


Darren, Susie, Emily and Rachel Maxfield

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