The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Friday, March 14, 2014

Stirring up our hearts

What were some of the ways you knew God was calling you to Sacred Road?  We get this question a lot.  So this is another post on ways we feel God pointed us to Sacred Road.  We were always amazed as we put one foot in front of the other, He kept taking our hands, leading us along and stirring our hearts. 

One example was this:  Rachel and I attended a Bible Quiz meet in September.  There was a devotional given by one of the quizzer's fathers.  He began his talk and shared something along these lines, "As most of you know, I left my software engineering job last year to become a high school math teacher.  I felt God was calling me to work with youth.  I left a great salary for a smaller paying job.  But it was worth it and I know I am right where God wants me to be."  Rachel and I both looked at each other with wide eyes.  This was another stir I was beginning to feel in my heart -- God might be calling Darren to leave a good salary for a special job on an Indian Reservation.

Another example:  Darren went to our pastor, Sy Nease, and told him one day that he was thinking about doing something crazy.  He was thinking of leaving his career as a CPA to move to Eastern Washington and join the staff of Sacred Road.  Do you know what Sy said back to him?  "I've been praying for a missionary to be raised up from our congregation at Exile Presbyterian Church." This was just another way God continued to encourage us.

Another example:  Last summer I read the book, "Kisses From Katie" -- a wonderful book about a young lady who goes to Africa to serve orphans.  She eventually adopts several orphaned children and runs an amazing, growing ministry there.  I had Emily and Rachel each read the book as well.  The girls commented to me that while they had enjoyed the book, they both knew the chances of something like this happening in their own life were slim.  But, little did we know, the Lord was preparing our hearts.  And as we began to feel the Lord's call to Sacred Road, the three of us agreed how providential it had been that we had read this book. 

One Sunday our pastor preached a sermon. At one point he commented that it is a blessing when men can have careers that involve the whole family.  He mentioned the downside to careers that consume a person and separate family relations.  I got the message, but I'm not sure I liked the part about the consuming career.  Especially because Darren's job as a CPA is not one that can involve our family.  He works a lot of overtime.  His job is time consuming.  There are months where we don't see him very much.  I justified the sermon in my head with the fact that some people may not understand this type of career.  I still had a funny feeling though in my heart.

Then one day this sermon popped back into my head when we were talking about Sacred Road. Darren mentioned he liked the idea of all of us having this opportunity to serve the Lord alongside each other in this ministry.  I realized that sermon was a part of the stirring up of my heart -- to open my eyes to see the blessing of Darren in a different kind of job.

We prayed for the Lord to make it clear about going to Sacred Road and these are the sort of things that began to happen.  He began to fill our minds and hearts with His plan for us.  "Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer."  Psalm 94:19



  1. It's amazing how God orchestrates our lives to bring us where he wants us to be! Thanks for sharing your walk of faith -- it encourages me. -judy f

  2. Love hearing all of these details, and watching the ways the Lord is drawing you to serve Him together at Sacred Road. We're continuing to pray!