The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Abounding Joy

Okay, so how many more months until I can move? Every time I visit the Rez I get more and more excited.

This past Tuesday, my 8th grade class took a trip to the reservation with my teacher, my mom, and me to get a glimpse of life on the Rez. I was so happy they could get an experience of my future life and so ecstatic I could get back to the reservation. We had an amazing time.

On Wednesday, we spent the first half of the day working at the new church: painting sheds, scraping rust, and painting the church. I loved getting to know the spring break teams from projects and hearing how they, too, were being blessed by their experience at Sacred Road. It was also pretty cool to be known as "the family" who was moving to the Rez.

I was most looking forward to my time at kids club though. And I wasn't disappointed. The precious faces and personalities of these children never fail to bless me. As we drove into Totus park, seeing those children running around made me smile so big. Soon after we arrived the children who did not live in the Totus housing development drove in on the Sacred Road buses. As the first girl, Jill, (top left) climbed on my back, I felt this sensation of overwhelming joy and peace and love. I met more children yesterday than I have ever met and each one of them had their own adorable smile and pair of sweet, chocolate eyes. The happiness in each of these suffering children is astounding. You think you had a bad day? Nothing compares to these kids who go through unbelieveable things and still find joy.

I am so happy and feel so blessed that I could visit the reservation again. It gets me so excited for my new life and the blessings that will overcome the hardships.

Please continue to pray for a swift building process as the church building is finished. Pray that these kids will continue to come to kids club during their spring break weeks, and that they will get excited to come to kids club in the summer. Pray that my family will still find peace in our new adventure. Praise God that I could have this trip and that we're so excited.

Hope Fellowship Church in process

Painting the sheds

Craft time at kids club

Jay and Me

Bubbles with Jill and Jay


  1. Love it Rach! I'm so glad you and your mom (and your class!) got to have this time - how awesome for them to see where you are going! I love how the Lord is drawing you there, and preparing your heart for loving on these kids. I know God is going to do incredible things in you and through you!

  2. thank you! That's such an encouragement!