The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ed Harper is Awesome!

We would like to give a big shout out (as the kids like to say) to Ed Harper.  He ran a marathon this morning down in LA in 4:07:26.  Way to go! I'd be lucky if I could ride a bicycle 26.2 miles in 4 hours.

But more than just running the marathon, Ed used this as a way to raise money for us to go to Sacred Road. We don't know the final total of funds raised, but as soon as we do we'll let everyone know.

It has been a blessing to us to know that we have friends like Ed (and his wife Marcia and kids) that love Sacred Road.  To give of themselves, their time, and their money for Sacred Road is awesome.

If you would like to continue to support Ed and his efforts, here's how you can do that:

1. Checks can be mailed to:  Sacred Road Ministries, PO Box 400, Harrah, WA  98933.  Include "Maxfield" in the memo line of your check.
2. You can give via PayPal on the website if you go to the giving page, check the box by our name and follow the prompts.
3.  If you would like to make this a monthly donation, you can also go to your bank and have them set up to write automatic checks each month and mail to the above address at Sacred Road.  You'll also need to include "Maxfield" in the memo line of your check.

Thank you Ed and for everyone that supported him in prayer and financial contribution.

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