The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Monday, February 3, 2014

Specific Prayer Requests

As I sit here with a stuffed nose, oversized sweatshirt, and a picture of that same little five-year-old boy that stole a piece of my heart, I am struck by the over-all encouraging response we have gotten about this crazy adventure. I cannot wait to get out to the Rez; I cannot wait to show the love of Christ to this little boy and his sister. Thank you for helping make this possible.

The comments regarding this change in our lives have been amazing. The kind, genuine responses really do mean a lot to us. Just the other evening, we were sitting around the dinner table (eating a meat/carrot/potato stew that allowed me to flash forward to our future country life). We were discussing the many people who have been such a blessing to us these past few months and who are continuing to show great generosity. Thank you. Please continue to come before the Lord in prayer, especially regarding the following.

Pray for peace for my family during this seemingly slow transition to Rez life. Pray for Rachel and my school situations for junior and freshman year. Pray for the Lord to strengthen us and give us the ability to do His work without tiring. But above all, pray for His will to be done in everything.

Pray for all of us as we continue to spread the word about God's call for our lives. Pray that we will be equipped with the right words to say and have gracious responses to those we talk to.

Thank the Lord for the daily encouragement we are receiving from both financial and prayer partners.

Pray for church each Sunday evening on the Rez. Pray that the attendance will be high and that the children will be focused and alert and joyful. Pray that their hearts will be softened and receptive to Christ's love. Pray that they will feel super duper loved and appreciated and want to come back next week. Pray that all of them will be safe and provided for at home.

Pray the two sisters I love will be bold enough to go to church together and enjoy themselves. They are quiet and cautious, but pray that they will remember the Sacred Road staff from Kids Club this summer and feel welcome.

Pray for the five and three-year-old. Pray for them. Their little hearts are hurting and only Christ can give them comfort. Thank the Lord that they have been able to spend some time with other staff families this week and enjoy a taste of what a loving, Christ-centered family looks like.


  1. Hi, Emily,

    I printed out your post and will spend time praying for each of your prayer requests. This really helps me pray specifically. Gold bless you and may your nose get un-stuffed.

    Love, Nancy Irion

  2. Thanks Emily for sharing your heart, ministry vision and joy in anticipation of going full time to the Rez!