The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Friday, March 3, 2017

Les Schwab

I have never been in Les Schwab more in my life than when we moved here.  Our cars take a bit of a beating out here.  Not to mention there seems to always be a Sacred Road van or truck that Darren is dropping off at Les Schwab for repair. 

Today was one of those “I spy God” moments at Les Schwab of all places.  I’m sitting in the waiting room -- did I mention they have free popcorn?  I’m in the middle of a really good book so I was actually thankful for the time to read.  The hour was going by fairly quickly for me. 

Pretty soon a young blonde mom and her preschool age son came in.  She was friendly and we began chatting.  She said the roads near her home are really hard on her car --- and she just so happened to mention the roads she lives on (Mint and Tecumseh).  I kept my poker face on but in my head I was thinking, “what?  Those roads are right on the way to Hope Fellowship!”  I told her I heard some of the roads out that way had flooded with the melting snow. 

The conversation continued and as it unfolded, I told her we moved here so my husband could work on staff at Sacred Road.  She got excited and chatted away even more.  She said, “that’s right down the road from me!”  We talked all about the “house” that Sacred Road bought and I told her the mission teams came to help remodel it.  She said it’s been so neat to see the transformation of the church building.

Image may contain: 1 person, standingShe loved the connection we’d made and then she told me they’d taken their kids to the “Trunk or Treat” at Halloween in October!   (I didn’t tell her I was the lady in the silly spiderman sweatshirt but I was cracking up inside.) 

She told me how much they’d appreciated this event for their children.  She went on to tell me she works at Walmart and next year we should write a letter and request candy donations.  What a blessing to hear her enthusiasm.

She talked about the buses and vans she sees going up and down the road transporting kids.  I told her 80-90 youth come every Tuesday night for youth group and that we’d be taking them to Skateland this Tuesday.  She was so interested in everything. 

I don’t know if she’ll step inside that church someday, but I hope she might!  And maybe in 8 or 9 years when her little preschooler is youth age, he will join in with the BYGE (Best Youth Group Ever).  The story God is writing continues to unfold….

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