The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Monday, March 16, 2015

First Week on the Rez

We are HERE!  Our first week has flown by.  Amazingly, our first week just so happened to be the first spring mission team week so we were able to participate each afternoon in the Kid's Club that happened at one of the housing projects.  I spent a good part of the Kid's Club helping turn the jump rope.  Most of the jumpers are ages 6 to 10 years old -- this is an age category I just adore.  I love their smiles, giggles and excitement as they learn to jump in or improve their jumping record.  They are precious.  I found myself sometimes just looking at each child and praying that Jesus will fill their little hearts.  There were about 50 kids each day at the housing project we helped at and about 100 kids each day at the other housing project.  During the Kid's Club, the children are loved on as everyone enjoys games, crafts, baseball, four square, snack,s and a Bible story that the children help act out.

Our mornings this first week were spent driving around looking at homes for rent or sale.  We are staying with a very generous empty-nester couple with two extra bedrooms.  This has been such a blessing to us.  We have been living out of suitcases for almost two months so we are anxious to find something to settle into.

There is not much for sale on the Reservation.  We saw one home that had possibilities but it was across a highway (sort of like Aurora -- for you Seattle people) and no light there to help with crossing.  We were not feeling peace about it.  The very next morning I felt like the Lord gave us an answer.  We happened to drive by a home we had not seen, with a "For Sale By Owner" sign.   I felt like the Lord was showing us to wait for His timing and He will bring along a house for us.  This particular home is in a much better location than the one across the highway.   (The owners will be ready to sell it in the next month or two and we have let them know we are interested.)

We currently have an apartment on hold in Yakima but our first choice is to be living on the Yakama reservation.  We also found out about a mobile home for rent on the reservation so we are pursuing that as well.  Thank you for continued prayers about our home.  

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