The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Little Reminders

As we’ve just come home from Hope Fellowship’s Christmas service and feast, evident reminders of God’s calling continue to encourage me. Little giggles and hands gripping my fingers make me stop and give thanks for this opportunity. God answering my prayers and bringing kids to church that I haven’t seen since the summer. The living nativity skit during church bringing smiles and laughter. Kids stuffing their faces with potatoes and cookies. Little voices singing songs about the birth of our Savior. Laughing my head off with fifth graders. Candy canes and beads flying everywhere. You can’t love too much or be too loved on with these kids. I can’t express how grateful I am to love on these kids and spend the next part of my life on the Yakama Rez.

Here’s a glimpse of Christmas at Sacred Road.

Me and Jill

Craft time

Alma and Tatiana


Me and Daylene
Emily and Alma


  1. Rach - I rejoice with you in this good day! And I love that God is using and will use your skills and love for photography to help spread the ministry of Sacred Road!

  2. Great photos of what I'm sure was a great day. Your description of candy canes and beads flying everywhere made me laugh out loud. I can totally picture that. :)