The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Next Few Months....

The days seem to be flying now that school is back in session.  We wanted to give an update on where we are at in this process of joining the Sacred Road staff.  Here is a bit of a timeline:

September-October:   Start preparing house to sell.  Boxes are already being packed and the "to do" list of repairs/projects, before it goes on the market, continues to grow. 

November:  Put house up for sale. 
December:  Hopefully our house will sell around this time and we can close in late December or early January.  We are trusting the Lord about these details.  Darren's job will probably be winding down.  His firm has been very gracious and patient as he makes this transition out of the firm - we are so grateful. 
January:  Purchase or rent a home on the Reservation; Emily finishes up at Cedar Park first semester January 23rd.  Lots of transition and trips over Snoqualmie Pass this month! 
February 7-March 9:  Attend month long missionary training in Colorado.  We are all registered for this.  This is at MTI (Missionary Training International) -- we have heard rave reviews about it.  We will learn about cross-cultural stuff and how to handle challenges/stress while on the mission field.
March 2015:   Be full-time with Sacred Road -- living there and everything!  :)  We are very anxious to be there.  March will be a busy month for Sacred Road as the spring mission teams arrive.     
Summer 2015:  A quick note to say how exciting and encouraging it is when we hear from some of you who are planning to come to Sacred Road this summer on a missions trip with your church!  Mission team sign-ups are happening right now and we look forward to the summer and serving the Lord together with you! 
Through all of this we are continuing to fund raise.  Every staff member of Sacred Road raises their own salary.  We need to have our first year's salary in the bank by the time we head to the Reservation in January.  It's been humbling to walk this part of the process, but also amazing as we trust the Lord and see him steadily providing.  We are at 80% of our annual budget and hope the last 20% will come soon. 
Thank you to all who are praying regularly for us and/or supporting us financially.  It is such a testimony and encouragement to us.  The body of Christ is an incredible thing. 
And lastly, thank you for listening to us talk non-stop about Sacred Road. 


  1. I can't believe how quickly this is all happening! And we rejoice in God's leading and provision. How exciting to see this unfold!

  2. Wow! So neat to hear the update on your journey! I have been thinking of you all recently and wondering where plans stood. Excited for the way God continues to lead and confirm, and praying His guidance and courage every step of the way!