The Maxfields

The Maxfields

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Financial Update

After seven-plus months of fundraising it seemed appropriate to provide an update as to where we are at in this process and where we still have to go.

As it stands today, the Lord has provided pledges from many people that total 78% of our annual budget needed. Many have already started giving to the account that is set up at Sacred Road. When we add the amount of cash that is building up in this account plus the pledges, the total is almost 59% of the two year budget amount that the SRM Board requires for us to move out to the Reservation.

We think this is incredible and awesome!  We have been so encouraged by everyone that has heard our story and responded by committing to pray for us and support us financially.

I'm currently moving full speed ahead and transitioning clients at work. Engaging in many interesting and some strange conversations with clients and other professionals as I tell them what I am going to be doing. All for the glory of God, I pray.

What does this mean?  We need another 22% of our budget before we can start the process of selling our home and moving to the Reservation. It would be great to have these funds raised by the end of October so we can move to the Reservation in January 2015, go to cross-cultural training in February and come back to begin ministry in March.

If you are already supporting us financially, thank you so much.  We are very grateful.  We are really looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses this partnership in our lives, your lives and in the lives of people on the Reservation.

If you have thought about supporting us financially, we would humbly ask that you start now.  The Lord will guide you in this, we just ask that you pray about it and consider how you can be involved with us in this ministry.

If you know of someone that might be interested in this ministry, we would love to share our story with them.

We are looking for churches who would consider partnering with us as well.  If you think your church missions committee could be interested in Sacred Road Ministries we would love to be able to talk with them.

Darren, Susie, Emily and Rachel Maxfield

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